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Finding Carole

A few months back I bought some photos in an estate sale. In this auction was a photo album, full of photos of Florine and Florid Rainwater. In full genealogist form the first thing I did was start plugging the twins names into a family tree on Family member after family member came to life, their photos added to Ancestry so others might find them in the future.

With that, however, is a drive to get these photos back to a family member who could carry on the scrapping that Florine had done. This lot should fall to Carole, her daughter. led to phone numbers and email addresses. This lady would be a bit older than my mother, almost 80. She does still appear to be alive. The search then moved down to her two sons, Stephen and Michael.

I only started looking yesterday, but so far no hits. Wouldn't a scrapbook of your mothers photos be an awesome Christmas gift? I will keep calling, keep reaching out, maybe I can find them yet!


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