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Jewel Mae Curtis Mullikin

My family was never 'close' but I loved to hear Mama tell stories about when she was young.  When she passed away in January I realized that those stories would be gone if I did not do something, and quick.  I broke out the Family Bible and the old photos and started capturing things to help share those memories.  It has been an adventure trekking into the past to find relatives I never knew...I would like to help you do that as well.


The Beginnings

The little girl to the right with the dark hair is my grandmother, Jewel Mae Curtis.  She was, until my aunt came along, the baby of the family.  Spoiled.  After a bout of a childhood disease she went deaf for a bit.  Her hearing came back, but the spoiling she got during that time stuck.


Young Adulthood

Mama was a charmer.  Based on the tales she would tell of Chick and the other 'CC Boys' (Civilian Conservation Camp, building places like the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds in Macon, GA).  When I finally started looking at photos there was photo after photo of young uniformed man, any of them could have been 'Mr. Right' I guess.

Curtis Side of the Family-Big Mama (Jewel) and Pee Wee (William Alonzo Mullikin)

Her Family

Mama and Daddy had four kids, here she is with the oldest.  They moved to Warner Robins when my Mom was relatively young.  She worked on the fledgling Robins Air Force Base for a split second.  After that, she decided to stay home and raise her children.  When I came along she chose to raise me too...something I am eternally blessed to be able to proclaim.

Bigmama as a red hatter!

When I am Old I Shall Wear Purple

Mama was not a member of the Red Hat Society, but she should have been.  If anyone believed in being herself and not worrying about the opinions of others it was her.  I am so thankful that she is part of my life, and finding those family members from her past is what drives my love for genealogy.  Rest in peace Mama, you are not forgotten!

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