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Sometimes people ask 'what are your credentials'? Currently I am working on my certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists. My primary job is as an analyst (I love to research things that interest me, genealogy interests me.) Not everyone possesses the desire or the skill, but still want to know where they came from and to compile their family trees for posterity. That is where I come in. I am willing to spend my time doing the research and compiling it into a document.

Some people say 'that is too expensive', is not cheap for most people, but the good thing is it is 'one and done'. While detail can be added in the future, the basics of your family structure do not change, ever. This means the money paid for my search will last your lifetime, the lifetime of your children, your grandchildren, and on and on. So, in essence, if properly safeguarded, that small sum can last in perpetuity. Pretty cheap when you look at it like that...just ONE lifetime of 80 years is only $3 a year (based on $240 for the deep package)...the price of a cappuccino!

I hold current memberships in, not limited to:

National Genealogical Society

Irish Genealogical Research Society

Georgia Historical Society

American Historical Society

Association of Professional Genealogists

I have amassed the systems required to do the job, not limited to:

Let me get your family tree started today!

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