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October 1, Beginning of my favorite time of the year

Trips to cemeteries bring stories to mind and sometimes odd experiences.  Monday, in a cemetery with my 3 year old grandson, he started asking me ‘where is Mimi’?  (We don’t know a Mimi.)

All the way through he asked about Mimi.  Told me she went to work.  I didn’t see a stone with ‘Mimi’ on it or I would have been a tad freaked out.  I did see the resting places if two people I knew and hosts of other leaves on people’s family trees.  Maybe one was yours, we can find out for sure with a little research.  

Contact me at dazeohanlin@gmail.com if you too are looking for your ‘Mimi’ or better yet, place an order for one of my reasonably priced packages to get you started on your own family tree today!

Ghosties and ghoulies, been in many cemeteries but never seen one.  


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