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Television Debut

Tammie and the Family

Okay, I hesitated to say anything because I was pretty sure it would lay on the cutting room floor but it did not. Tonite, March 31, 2020, on TLC, on 7 Little Johnstons you should see me.

I was fortunate enough to work with the wonderful Johnston family to track their family tree. They are a great family, the kids are bright and witty...Mom and Dad struggle with the same issues any parents struggle with.

If you get a chance to catch the premier episode of the new season, please do. The show is a lot of fun and the family is awesome!

What is done, is done, no changing it or denying it (I am hoping it's a small blip on the screen...but it happened :) )

Be sure to check out the options, I can work your family tree as well!

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