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Last of the Living

Yesterday I bought a Bible, a Family Bible from the 1800's. It was the possession of the Deihl family from Pennsylvania that through some long lost relative, last of the family name or some other happenstance it ended up on Ebay. I spent a couple of days and found all of the people listed as having been family members, as well as many extended family members. I finally found Donna, the last person who might remotely be related to the family. She is the daughter of the youngest person identified in the notes.

Here is the kicker. Donna is 70 years old and has no children. Even if I packaged and sent the Bible I purchased to her so she could preserve her family history, she would have no one to leave it to. It is very likely the Bible was part of widowed Jane's estate, when she passed in 2010 the cherished family Bible likely started its trail to me.

So, what is the benefit of this story? To tell you that all is not lost. The Deihl Family now has its family relations linked and available for the world to see. If ever a great great grandchild of another branch of the family wants to research where the Deihl portion of their heritage landed, they will be able to find it on

Fingers crossed for the photos that come with the Bible to have names on the back. If they do, the Deihl family mementos will be preserved on their tree.

Genealogy is fun, it is interesting, it is available to you. There will be more to come about the Deihl family Bible once I receive it. Interesting deaths some of them had, interesting enough to hope there are no curses attached to the Holy Book. :)

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