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Having someone do my genealogy is too expensive...I can do it cheaper by myself!!

I am a crafter, every craft show without doubt I walk around looking at things saying 'I can do that' often leaving items in the vendors booths. I can say that because I have the tools. If I have the tools and the know how, I can make it myself which is often the case.

With that thought in mind I'm sure many of you think the same...'I can do that' when you see the minimal fee of $100 for the basic package. It is very likely you can. All you need is paid memberships to,,, and the research and analysis skills to connect the dots in what is often conflicting information (I mean how many 'John Smiths' could there be?!)

The memberships alone are >$350. The research and analysis skills are backed by a 19 year career doing the same. Genealogical research IS easy...when you have the tools.

I will be glad to help you get started...a simple $100 basic family package will take your basic information and expand it to your great great grandparents. If you already have access to that information...then fill out all you know on the sheet and I will research the rest for you.

What is the value of tracing your ancestry? Invaluable really, because at some point in most of our lives we have wondered where we came can have those answers!

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